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June 11, 2005

June 11, 2005: Indian columnist blast the Grewals

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Gurmant and Nina Grewal should JUST GO AWAY!

What’s wrong with this picture?

A man who craved publicity so desperately all the time was actually RUNNING AWAY from TV cameras and reporters at Vancouver International Airport on Wednesday night!

This was the same man who claimed he was always being offered cabinet and other top posts, but principles were always holding him back from accepting those bribes.

Now a very different picture seems to be emerging and Gurmant Grewal seems pretty reluctant to get out there and face the music.

Oh no, the poor baby is all stressed out – he’s actually taken stress leave – and his MP wife Nina, who kept her mouth so tightly shut all this time, now claims she knew NOTHING about what her beloved husband was doing – the same man who manipulated the Fleetwood-Port Kells riding nomination for her!


It’s quite clear from the tapes that her husband himself released that he was consulting her – unless, of course, he was lying.

Well, it’s time both Gurmant and Nina RAN AWAY from all of us – into retirement from politics.

Please DO NOT DISGRACE the Indo-Canadian community any further – just leave.

You evidently were only concerned with your own big fat ego. Stretching the truth and twisting facts didn’t matter to you as long as you got what you wanted.

You tried to pressure reporters in the ethnic media who dared to criticize you through influential people in the community and accused those who wouldn’t publish each and every press release and photo you sent them of being biased against you or of being in the pay of another political party.

You bit off more than you could chew and now that your bubble has burst, you just can’t take the pressure.

But look at the fallout of your naked ambitions. Not only has the Indo-Canadian community been humiliated, indeed, THE WHOLE COUNTRY is under a cloud.

Canada’s ranking on Transparency International’s global corruption index is going to go down further after the sponsorship scandal, according to the chairman of the watchdog’s Canadian chapter. We fell to 12th place last year from fifth a few years ago and now we are poised to sink lower – THANKS TO YOU!

After the Air India bombing tragedy, you should have been the last person to break the cardinal security rule of not allowing unaccompanied luggage or package aboard an aircraft. Yet, according to reliable media reports, you shamelessly broke those rules by getting someone to carry an envelope reportedly containing the missing tapes to Ottawa. Now Air Canada is investigating the incident and all you can say is that the allegation is false. Yet you won’t face the media to answer all the questions. What are you afraid of?

A national daily brought up your past contradictory statements about your days in Liberia before emigrating to Canada.

Now Gurwinder Dhillon says that you were a carpet salesman at his company when you bought $50,000 in shares on April 15, 1993, but that you sold them back the next day and that it was all a fake deal to meet citizenship requirements at the time. (Of course, Dhillon should realize that if his allegation is true, he too was part of that illegal act.) A Conservative spokesperson claimed it was an old unfounded allegation and you are threatening to take legal action. But with all that has happened, can anyone really believe you?

An expert especially hired by a national newspaper has claimed that your tapes were ALTERED and it was UNLIKELY that the changes in the tapes were caused by digital copying, as claimed by your party members.

God alone knows what else will surface by the time this piece appears on Saturday – BUT THANKS TO YOU, your party, the Conservatives, are down to 23 per cent support across Canada in a June 2-5 Decima survey as compared to the Liberals’ 37 per cent support and the NDP’s 21 per cent.

Isn’t it high time you and your wife, Nina, stepped down for the sake of the community and Canada?


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