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May 25, 2005

May 25 2005 G&M Reports: NDP says Tapes May Be Outside Sphere Of Ethics Officer

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Tape may be outside sphere of ethics officer, NDP says

Wednesday’s Globe and Mail

May 25, 2005

Grewal has said he has a recording making clear that Sudesh Kalia, who arranged a May 15 meeting between Grewal and Dosanjh, initiated the talks. But Kalia, a longtime Liberal who worked on Grewal’s campaigns as a show of friendship since 1997, supports Dosanjh’s contention it was Grewal who approached the Liberals seeking a reward.
Kalia also said Grewal asked if the Liberals could make his wife Nina an MP for a neighbouring riding, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations.
The Liberals have avoided questions regarding why the government isn’t going to the police if they believe Grewal was trying to sell his votes for patronage plums.
“The only thing the minister has alleged is that Mr. Grewal misunderstood the situation. He felt he had an obligation to clear up Mr. Grewal’s misunderstanding. And he did,” said Ken Polk, Dosanjh’s director of communications.
The NDP says it will ask Bernard Shapiro, the House of Commons ethics commissioner, to investigate possible violations of the code of conduct for MPs and cabinet ministers. But Micheline Rondeau-Parent, Shapiro’s spokeswoman, said no formal request had been filed as of Tuesday.


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