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May 18, 2005

May 18, 2005: Grewal holds news conference and claims to have taped Liberal offers (CTV)

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CTV Newnet Live (May 18):

CTV reporter: We go live to Ottawa, now. The Conservative Party is pretty upset. They allege the Liberals have been approaching their members and trying to lure them over to the Grits. A prominent Tory MP is about to emerge from the House to speak to the assembled media. And as we await to find out who this may be and what the message is, Bob Fife, our Ottawa Bureau Chief joins us.


Grewal: As you have already heard, (Reading a prepared statement) I was approached early this week by Ujjal Dosanjh and asked to abstain or vote with the government on the budget vote. In exchange, I was given an understanding that I would be rewarded in some fashion. Some of the options discussed were different diplomatic appointments, or a future senate seat for Nina. Yesterday I met with both Tim Murphy and Ujjal Dosanjh at their request. In Mr. Dosanjh’s office and later on in my office. In that meeting, I was offered the opportunity to later talk with the Prime Minister by telephone, or to meet with him at 24 Sussex Drive about these possibilities. Today, Tim Murphy came to my office,to meet me, where we discussed this further. He told me that the Liberals were talking to three or four other Conservative MPs. I told Mr. Murphy that if any offer was being made, I needed certainty about what it was and the timeframe involved. Mr. Murphy told me he would get back to me. At no time did I have any intention of accepting these offers. I responded to Mr. Dosanjh’s invitation and entered these discussions to determine the level to which the Liberal party and Paul Martin were willing to sink to save their government. Do you have any quick questions?

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: I had been approached in the past, quite some time ago, and I’m very comfortable where I am; I’m confident that Stephen Harper is leading the party in the right direction.

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: Because I didn’t … I didn’t deny, but I didn’t want to xxx at that time.

Reporter: Why were sitting there going along with all this?

Grewal: It’s really bad that the Liberal government would do all this, to sink to this level to save the government. But I was comprehending with it, and I wanted to consult, and I was consulted by our communication team, we had some xxx to go through, and we did that.

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: Uhh… If you really need proof, we’ll provide that later on.

Reporter: what kind of proof?

Grewal: You’ll be provided with some sort of proof.

Reporter: did you tape your conversation with Murphy?

Grewal: Yes, there are some tapes of some conversations as well.

Reporter: You taped them?

Grewal: Yes.

Reporter: Is that against the law?

Grewal: No, I knew that I was taping, so if two people are having conversation and one is knowing.

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: No, I didn’t. Because I was aware … Because I was told that if recording a conversation, and if one of the parties know that it is being recorded, then it is legal.

(Reporters cross-talk)

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: Because last time when I was offered this, I didn’t have any evidence. There are some other members who have been offered, they didn’t have any evidence. So you guys were not convinced–Canadians were not convinced–that what we were telling is the truth. So, now, this evidence, which you will have the opportunity to know,that these offers were made.

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: Both.

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: No, they wanted to meet with me. They are the ones who wanted me to cross over. The approaches were made by them. They were willing to meet.

Reporter: (inaudible)

Grewal: I leave it to the judgement of Canadians to determine whatever the inference they want to draw from it. But once you have a statement before you, it’s quite evident that they’ve been contacting members of parliament from our party,and they’ve been making some sort of offers, and what more does Canadians need to know than that the Government is sinking to the level that they have.

(Grewal leaves)


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