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December 30, 2003

Dec. 2003: Grewal writes to the Now in support of the merger

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Merger is strongest and best alternative to Grits

The Editor,

Re: “Don’t be fooled by Alliance claims of sincerity,” the Now letters, Nov. 15.

Brian Marlatt’s assertion that the PC party is working to build a united Canada while the Canadian Alliance is attempting to divide it is nothing short of ridiculous. An agreement in principle between the Alliance and the PC party would never have come to fruition if either of the parties would have dug in its heels and demonstrated the kind of obstructionism that Mr. Marlatt suggests. The Canadian Alliance has led the way in the pursuit of unity since 1999 when four Reform MPs, including me, met with current PC Leader Peter MacKay and four of his colleagues to discuss a united alternative.

The Canadian Alliance respects the constitutional role of the provinces in health-care delivery and endeavours to work with them in a co-operative and constructive manner. We are also committed to a stable level of federal funding for Canada’s health care, and would enable the provinces to enhance choice and efficiency through the greater use of private and non-governmental partnerships in service provision to the public system.

Mr. Marlatt accuses the Canadian Alliance of “buying votes and pretending tax cuts are all we need” to ensure the economic vitality of our country. I think he has us confused with the Liberal party. The Canadian Alliance has earned each vote cast in its favour. Mr. Marlatt’s remarks constitute a drastic oversimplification of our party’s detailed economic policies and principles. While we believe that personal and business taxes should be lowered, we would also mandate balanced budgets, simplify the tax system through publicly driven tax reform, pay down the national debt, and foster an economic climate where a thriving entrepreneurial sector would create quality jobs for all Canadians.

Canadian Alliance Leader Stephen Harper set out to reconcile differences with our colleagues in the Progressive Conservative party. In doing so, he was driven by a strong desire to put the interests of Canada ahead of the interests of any single political party or leader. Without Mr. Harper’s leadership, the merger would never have come to pass.

The fusion of the history and expertise of the PC Party with the grassroots democratic principles and energy of the Canadian Alliance represents the strongest governing alternative to the reigning Liberals.

Gurmant Grewal
MP, Surrey Central


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