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June 2, 1999

Toronto Star, 2 June 1999, Leave faculty alone SFU tells Marsden

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Leave faculty alone, university tells woman — Student in major harassment case returns to class

2 June 1999
The Toronto Star

VANCOUVER (CP) – A university student at the centre of a recent sexual harassment scandal has been warned she will be evicted from a campus residence unless she agrees not to go near the swim coach she accused in the case.

Rachel Marsden has also been ordered not to frequent any location where a former criminology professor of hers might be found. The married professor has accused her of asking him out on dates.

Simon Fraser University has also asked Marsden to remove references to swim coach Liam Donnelly from her Web site.

Marsden moved into a dorm room on the suburban Burnaby campus May 21. She said Monday she returned to campus after a two-year leave of absence from her courses because she had no other place to go.

She said she had been living in her car after being unable to find work.

University security delivered a letter to her room Monday saying her tenancy hinges on avoiding contact with Donnelly.

The letter said both Donnelly and criminology professor Neil Boyd have alleged Marsden has engaged in conduct that could contravene the university’s new harassment policy, which was prompted by this case.

Boyd went to the Burnaby RCMP in January with copies of e-mail and voice mail from Marsden.

In 1995, Marsden accused Donnelly of sexual harassment. After a hearing by a university investigative committee, the university fired Donnelly but reinstated him two months later after Marsden’s credibility was called into question.

Donnelly said Marsden harassed him, by sending him erotic photographs and e-mails to win his attentions.

The university later said the case and 10 others were mishandled. Former president John Stubbs resigned in 1997 over the controversy.


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