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May 1, 1998

Vancouver Sun: 2 May 1998: SFU hit hard by law suits

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University hit hard by law suits
Janet Steffenhagen

2 May 1998
Kitchener-Waterloo Record


BURNABY, B.C. — That includes cash for the most prominent victim of the faulty process — swim coach Liam Donnelly, who fought a long and expensive battle after he was accused of sexually harassing Rachel Marsden and fired last May.

SFU is also paying $53,000 for its own lawyers and $22,000 for a consultants’ review that was ordered after the Donnelly fiasco called into question the university’s handling of 11 other harassment cases.

There is also some money for lost wages and tuition fees.

In announcing the payout Friday, Simon Fraser’s president Jack Blaney said he regrets spending taxpayers’ money on legal bills instead of teaching and research, but there was no other way.

Most of the cases — which ranged from accusations of rape or racial discrimination to offensive language — have now been settled.

Not everyone is delighted with the outcome, Blaney said, but there is a general sense that SFU has been fair and open — in resolving the cases and in revamping its harassment policy earlier this year.


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