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August 1, 1997

Associated Press Newswires: 1 Aug. 1997, ‘SFU board grants president medical leave’

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SFU board grants president medical leave
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1 August 1997
Associated Press Newswires
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) – Simon Fraser University’s board of governors is giving its embattled president a medical leave of absence.

John Stubbs – already on a three-month leave to write a book – announced Monday he was being treated for depression that began when a controversial sexual harassment case became public.

Stubbs, who has been under intense criticism from various members of the university, wrote the university board asking for a medical leave until the end of this year.

The board approved the request Thursday.

Board chairman David Bond said in a news release the board would take no further action until Stubbs is fully recovered and able to meet with the board “to discuss issues surrounding his presidency.”

Bond said an acting president will be appointed Sept. 15, when Stubbs’ three-month leave to work on a book expires. David Gagan was earlier appointed acting president for that period.

Stubbs fired Liam Donnelly, Simon Fraser’s head swim coach, on May 23 for sexually harassing former swim team member Rachel Marsden.

The decision was reversed last week when the board approved a mediator’s recommendation and gave Donnelly his job back, offered to pay his legal costs up to $35,000 and made his salary retroactive to the day he was dismissed.

Stubbs had also awarded Marsden a $12,000 settlement, which she will get despite Donnelly’s reinstatement.

Stubbs had not discussed the case publicly since mid-June, when he began his three-month leave.

“When my good health returns, I will return and will not shirk my responsibility to answer questions about my role (in the case) which have troubled some members of the university community and the press,” he said in a letter to the board asking for the medical leave.

Under Stubbs’ contract, he is allowed a paid medical leave from his $157,500-a-year job. His five-year term as president expires Dec. 31, 1998.


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