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July 17, 1997

KW Record: July 17, 1997: Marsden describes relationship with coach

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Woman who launched harassment case describes relationship with coach

Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 17 July 1997, E8

Vancouver — Donnelly held a news conference denying he ever had any relationship with Marsden beyond that of a coach and swimmer.

He said Marsden had been stalking and sexually harassing him and released suggestive e-mail messages and a revealing photograph he said Marsden had sent him.

Marsden had refused to be interviewed since the case became public but on Wednesday she released a written statement denying that Donnelly was the victim.

She said her e-mail messages were an attempt to get an apology from Donnelly and said Donnelly had picked out the photograph from her modelling portfolio.

“It started off as a friendship and it progressed to an abusive relationship — one I found I got caught in,” Marsden said in an interview. “I allowed him to control me.

“I allowed him to manipulate me. I was very naive at the time and I guess that’s how you could sum it up.”

Earlier this week, Simon Fraser’s acting president questioned the fairness of Donnelly’s firing.

A month after Stubbs took a three-month leave to research a book, David Gagan said his review of the case found Marsden got an early look at a draft version of the panel’s report.

He also questioned Stubbs’ decision not to hear Donnelly’s belated defence.

And he said Stubbs may have known Marsden and the university’s former harassment co-ordinator, Patricia O’Hagan, had developed an unspecified “personal relationship” before he fired Donnelly.

Marsden’s written statement Wednesday said O’Hagan helped her get through the process by offering emotional support.

She said she joined O’Hagan on a weekend rafting trip, but only after the harassment hearing was over.

Mediation talks are under way between Donnelly and the university. If there is no resolution, the matter will go to arbitration Aug. 2.


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