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May 3, 1995

May 3 1995: Province Reports: Grewal Says He Advised Liberian Tyrant

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Wannabe says he’s not green
Vancouver Province
Wednesday, May 3, 1995
Don Hauka

The newcomer taking on the B.C. Liberal party’s president says he’s no neophyte.

Gurmant Grewal, who is challenging top Grit Reni Masi for the party’s North Delta nomination, says he’s practised politics in Liberia and the U.S.

Grewal says an internal party report painting him as inexperienced in politics is dead wrong.

“That doesn’t reflect my personality or experience at all,” said the 37-year-old Delta businessman.

The report, which documented infighting among Lower Mainland Liberals in three ridings, suggested Grewal was so green that he should “donate five turkeys to the food bank” to gain experience.

Grewal, who has a degree in agriculture, says he was in business in the west African nation of Liberia and suggested a “green revolution” to then-leader Gen. Sam Doe.

Doe seized power after a bloody coup in 1980. Then he was elected president in a 1985 vote that diplomats denounced as rigged.

His regime ended in 1990 when he was murdered after a civil war.

“The civil war was like Rwanda,” said Grewal. “I saw starving people dying in the streets.”

He said he worked briefly for Californian Republican Gov. Pete Wilson’s election campaign before coming to Canada five years ago.

No date has yet been set for the North Delta nomination meeting.


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