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January 2, 1995

1995: Grewal Trys To Run For Office, Strange Things Happen

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This is from an article published May 28th, 2005, By the Edmonton Journal

According to the report:

In 1995, Grewal decided he wanted to run as a candidate for Gordon Campbell’s B.C. Liberals, who it was widely assumed would defeat the New Democratic Party government.

Grewal, with the help of political organizer Prem Vinning, signed up so many members from the Indo-Canadian community he appeared sure to secure the nomination in a riding that Campbell and his top aides wanted for Reni Masi — the party president at the time.

An apparent truce was reached when Campbell, Vinning, Grewal, and dozens of community leaders met in Vinning’s house. Grewal was photographed raising the hand of the anointed candidate.

But Grewal said he was trapped, had no idea what the meeting was about, and didn’t plan on stepping aside. He soon quit the Liberal party and later ran, and lost badly, as a candidate of the former B.C. Reform party.

“I never agreed, but they held my hand and raised it up,” he recollected Thursday. “There were so many people, it would really look stupid in front of people if you say no, no, I’m not withdrawing. They are making me, forcing me. … I thought the pressure is so much around here, so I held my hand and raised it.”

Grewal then went to the media, claiming publicly Sandy Powar, the B.C. Liberal party secretary, tried prior to that meeting to bribe him by saying he could be named a deputy minister in a Campbell government if he stepped aside. Grewal said he believes he still might have a tape of that conversation.

Vinning, when told about Grewal’s comments, said they were “disgusting.”


January 1, 1995

1995: Gurmant Grewal: The Early Years

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1995 Grewal runs against Reni Masi, then president of the B.C. Liberal Party for the Liberal nomination in the provincial riding of North Delta. After agreeing to withdraw, Grewal said he had been offered a job as deputy minister by a senior Liberal official he refused to name. Grewal then jumped ship and ran against Masi as a candidate for the provincial Reform Party. He was soundly trounced.

This was reported on Norman’s Spectator On May 24th 2005, and refers to an old Vancouver Sun editorial from that year

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