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June 10, 1991

Pre 1991 And The Early Years of Mr.&Mrs.Grewal

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According to Edmonton Journal Article May, 28th

“Grewal was born in India and studied agriculture at a university in the Punjab. He married Nina in 1982 after spotting her in a matrimonial want ad.

A year later they moved to Liberia, where Nina’s parents once lived. The country had been ruled since 1980 by Samuel Doe, who had assumed power in a bloody coup.

Grewal taught business at the University of Liberia, and he and his brother ran a company selling agricultural supplies and importing telecommunications equipment.

They left in 1990 after Doe was overthrown and savagely executed. The Grewals landed in Canada a year later as economic immigrants.

Grewal claims to have helped Samuel Doe’s “Green Revolution of Liberia….

There are also some allegations that they obtained their visa’s illegally. Will post more on this later.


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